Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce on the rise



JOHNS CREEK, Ga.—The Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce paid tribute Aug. 21 to past contributors to the chamber’s progress and announced plans for the future.

Board Chairwoman Susan Grissom discussed the chamber’s successes for the year and plans for the future.

“We’re ending the year in the black,” she said. “And that’s really exciting.”

Chamber membership is at about 400, but Grissom said the chamber expects that to continue to rise.

“We’ve developed several programs to increase our membership, and our goal for 2015 is 500 members,” she said.

More good news to report included the annual golf tournament has sold out three years in a row and the business expo sold out the last two years.

“We worked with the strategic task force to modify the city sign ordinance and are continuing to work with the city and local businesses to attract businesses to our community,” she said.

Grissom then outlined the big chamber plans for 2015.

“We’re building affinity programs to increase non-dues revenue through sponsorships, marketing and advertising options,” she said.

The chamber also plans to enhance member relations through more face-to-face contact, she said.

“Expect to see each of us at your businesses this year,” she said. “This is the year we plan to focus on interacting with our current members and creating unique opportunities to connect businesses with the people in Johns Creek.”

In addition, Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker attended the chamber’s monthly meeting and luncheon to introduce the new fully staffed City Council.

Bodker joked about expanded communication issues between seven members instead of the previous five.

“I’ll have to lean over farther to talk to all of them in the meetings,” he said.

Getting serious, Bodker said he is excited to have a council at full strength and looks forward to the year ahead.

The mayor introduced “rookie” Councilmembers Cori Davenport, Lenny Zaprowski and Steve Broadbent, all in attendance.

Councilmembers Brad Raffensperger, Bob Gray and Kelly Stewart had prior commitments.

The mayor said several new businesses are moving into the city and he has been fielding calls from even more.

“We’re excited about the growth in Johns Creek and expect it to continue,” he said. “This is a place where people want to live and work.”


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