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JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – What makes a business grow? One proven method is to know what other businesses need. And the best way to know that is to know business people.

That is the philosophy that drives the Johns Creek Business Association, said its president Wayne Carrell.

“We are specifically a networking group for all Johns Creek businesses to grow personally,” said Carrell. “We do that through networking, seminars and the ‘social sandwich’ luncheon. We talk about social media, finance – topics that connect to businesses.”

Established in 1997, the JCBA helps new and established businesses connect to the local economy and gain traction in and around Johns Creek, the 10th largest city in Georgia.

The September meeting was held at Emory Johns Creek Hospital. More than 100 people attended, helped in part by partnering with the Johns Creek Healthcare Association and the excellent food the hospital provided.

Carrell said the JCBA offers other benefits including:

• A website listing and other events

• A monthly newsletter

• Community advocacy and involvement

• Business education

• Advertising and publicity opportunities

• Business referrals

The JCBA’s longstanding relationships with other business organizations provide more powerful business contacts. This includes relationships with area chambers of commerce, the Johns Creek Healthcare Association and the Johns Creek Community Association.

But the JCBA does not adhere to a particular business philosophy and remains independent of the city and other business groups while maintaining close relationships with all of them, Carrell said.

“The JCBA offers excellent opportunities for personal growth, participation in community life and growth for your business,” Carrell said.

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