Job applicant attacked by ‘employer’



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – A Snellville woman fended off an attacker after she tried to back out of a finance scam June 23.

The victim told police she needed some money. She had seen a high school friend of hers posting on Facebook about a new job where the friend was making a lot of money.

The victim inquired about the job. She was told she would handle foreign banking, where the company would use employees’ personal bank accounts to transfer money into and out of the country. The employee would be paid a transaction fee.

Despite her misgivings about the legality of the scheme, the victim agreed to meet a representative of the company.

They agreed to meet at the Bank of America on Windward Parkway. She met with a man identified as Dontae A. Smith, 22, of Stone Mountain. As she was speaking with him, the victim said she began to feel more suspicious about the “job.” Finally, she thanked Smith for his time but said she would turn down the job.

Smith became angry with the victim and began cursing at her for wasting his time and began attacking her. She ran to her car and he followed, even hitting her through the open car window. The assailant left the scene.

Police searched their records for the suspect’s car and found a match to a license plate and model belonging to Smith. The victim was able to identify his picture for a lineup as the attacker.

A warrant was issued for Smith for battery.

Three days later, June 26, Smith was picked up by DeKalb County police on the warrant.

The victim’s friend who set the whole event up de-friended her and blocked her on Facebook.

The scam of course is to get access to the victim’s savings or checking account. Thieves can then loot the accounts or use them to deposit phony checks, leaving the victim liable when the checks bounce.


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