Jeanne Borkowski: My special Christmas memory



My special Christmas memory took place when I was about 15 years old. My mom was a stay-at-home mom with three kids back in the 70s, and every year she would work the voting polls to earn extra money. One year, I asked her why she would get up at 5 a.m. to get ready so she could be at the

voting facility. She told me, “This year, I want to get daddy a special Christmas present.”

Well after working the polls, clipping coupons and washing and setting her own hair, she was able to get my dad not one but two special Christmas presents. The first gift was a tweed blazer that had the suede patches on the elbows. I remember him trying it on and thinking to myself, “Man, dad looks pretty handsome!”

He told my mom, “I love it, and it fits great.” Then he walked around with it on and put his hands in the pockets and he said, “What’s this?” My mom said, “I don’t know. Why don’t you take it out of the pocket and let’s see what it is.”

Now my parents had probably been married at that time about 35 years, and my dad wore his wedding band all the time, even when he was building our house, mixing cement, laying bricks and so on. His wedding band had gotten so worn down and all the engraving had worn away. He always felt bad that he didn’t take better care of it, because he always told me, “This ring is special.”

Well my dad takes the blue velvet box out of the pocket and opens it up. Inside is a new beautiful wedding band with new engravings. My dad looks at his new ring and he just started crying and the only words he spoke were, “It’s perfect.” My dad is no longer with us, but to this day, this wonderful Christmas memory still brings tears to my eyes.

I hope you enjoyed my special Christmas memory. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!

P.S. I love when the Christmas tree is the only light on in the room as well!

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