JC gets $4M loan to start repaving

GDOT OKs loan to begin repaving subdivision roads



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Johns Creek will soon begin repaving city subdivision roads now that the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB) has awarded a $4 million loan to the city to begin its subdivision repaving program.

The city performed a needs study two years ago and pledged to use that study to repave subdivisions according to needs. The city also has agreed to fund an additional $1 million for the repaving project.

City Manager Warren Hutmacher said it would take some time to evaluate just how many of those subdivisions the $5 million would cover.

The original study identified $30 million in resurfacing needs. The city has stated the estimate now stands at $40 million.

The terms are still to be decided, but Public Works Director Tom Black said it is likely that the city will have a “draw” on the loan amount so that it incurs the debt as it is needed from a GTIB account.

“In 2006, the city of Johns Creek inherited a street system that was far below standard,” said Mayor Mike Bodker. “Since then, we have put tremendous effort into upgrading major roads and working closely with the Georgia Department of Transportation to see that state routes are properly maintained.

“With these funds, we will be able to take a small step toward improving our neighborhood streets. In the coming weeks, we will be looking at a long-term paving plan that will include proper maintenance. Improvement of our neighborhood streets will enhance the quality of life for our citizens, support property values and promote economic development.”

The City Council discussed the loan at its June 2 work session, and at a subsequent work session this summer will discuss a multi-year repaving plan for the city’s neighborhood streets.

In 2012, the city hired Stantec to drive all the streets in Johns Creek to assess their condition. The report concluded the city will need to spend $30 million to reach the ideal goal of bringing all of its streets to a rating of 70 out of 100.

The Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank is administered by the State Road and Tollway Authority. GTIB provides additional funding to governments for transportation projects that add transportation and economic value to the state.

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