It's Not About "Will Power"... It's About "Free Will"



I am often asked what I did to release 100+ pounds, 17 years ago, and what my secret is for successfully sustaining my natural, optimal weight since then. My usual response is, “there is no secret.” I spent much of 43 years searching for the answer, the “secret,” if you will, for losing weight, feeling better physically and emotionally, as my struggle with my body, self loathing, fear and shame increased as I grew older.

Last Tuesday night as I began teaching my 8 Week Women’s Wholeness and Weight group for ten amazing and awesome women, I smiled as I saw their faces, felt their energy and spirit, and witnessed their courage, commitment and willingness to “choose” a new direction, a new path, a new life. A life of freedom, prosperity, joy, laughter and love. For themselves, first and foremost. That’s where it all begins. With us, and within us.

We are constantly making choices, whether we are aware of them or not. Even when we opt not to make a choice, we are, nonetheless. Every choice, conscious or not, “shapes” our lives, shapes our bodies. It’s often too easy to assign our choices to someone else, thereby opting out on assuming responsibility for the outcome, the consequences of our choices.

Playing the blame game, and pointing the finger elsewhere is a common practice, a habit, that serves only to exacerbate our ongoing struggle with unconditional self love, self compassion and self acceptance. When pointing your finger outward, notice how many are pointing back at you. Yes, it is all about you. In this instance though, it may not always feel so great, yet, you are offered a rich opportunity to take a look at your “stuff,” and make a “choice.”

Seventeen years ago I made a “choice” that changed everything in my life. Not just my body. I made a choice to feel better, recognizing that I was the “only” one responsible for my life, and most definitely my body. I made a choice to make better choices, with a conviction and commitment unlike any other time in those 43 years of continuous struggle, frustration, pain and despair. One choice at a time, moment after moment, day after day, year after year, I continued to remind myself that I could choose to remain imprisoned or I could choose freedom.

Was I frightened? Absolutely! Was I clueless? Absolutely! Was I sure I could accomplish my goals, after a lifetime of failures? Absolutely Not! (side note: the word, “failure,” is no longer in my vocabulary) All I knew is that every day I had a choice, and that I could choose to exercise my divine birthright of “free will,” empowering myself through my choices. Choices that were aligned and congruent with my desire to feel better, to honor and enjoy my body, and my life.

My inner and outer transformation, my evolution, growth and expansion, as a spiritual being living in a divine, magnificent, beautiful and amazing body, is solely up to me. Free will is a powerful gift that is often overlooked, ignored and even dismissed, serving only to increase the common “victimhood” consciousness that pervades our society and culture. As obesity rates rapidly rise in the U.S. adult and child population, and diet pills, fad diets, and the latest weight loss gimmicks continue to flood the market, I challenge everyone to be the “voice for choice.” Exercise “free will.” Make choices for yourself first, that are honoring, respectful and loving. You will change your life, inside and out, while changing the lives of others.

You deserve to feel good, better…and even better!!!

Will power is futile! Free will is freedom!! Celebrate Yours!!!

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