Items collected over summer donated to Forsyth animal shelter



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Sarah Weston, 10, decided to end her summer vacation by doing an act of charity.

“I did not expect them to do what they were going to do,” said Rebecca Weston, Sarah’s mother. “It turned into this big thing.”

As an avid animal lover, helping out the local animal shelter was an obvious choice for Sarah and her siblings.

“We used to volunteer at the Forsyth County Animal Shelter, but after my mom had twins, we weren’t able to go,” Sarah said.

Sarah had contacted the shelter and asked what they needed.

With a “wish list” in hand, she recruited her brothers and sister and they went door-to-door in their Alpharetta neighborhood in North Fulton every day for a week asking neighbors for donations from the list.

Twins Sarah and Jackson as well as 5-year-old Nicholas and 8-year-old Emma went around their neighborhood working toward a nice collection of goods.

“We got really, really hot doing it, but it was totally worth it,” Sarah said. “Everyone was so generous.”

The Westons gathered a room full of donations, including 53 rolls of paper towels, 81 rolls of toilet paper, giant bags of dog and cat food, blankets, collars, leashes, toys, shampoo, cat litter and cleaning supplies.

“It was a lot of trips that they did,” Rebecca said. “The neighbors were very kind to the children, and they were very receptive.”

On Wednesday, Aug. 8, the four siblings, their mother in tow and two carloads of items were taken to the Forsyth County Animal Shelter, 1902 Old Atlanta Road in Cumming. Dr. Lanier Orr, who owns and operates the shelter, said he is very grateful for the children’s kind act.

“I met so many neighbors in the process” said Sarah. “I will definitely do more charity projects in the future. It filled me with joy to do something that made a positive difference.”

FH 08-15-12

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