Is teamwork important for small business success?



Do your employees work well as a team?

As a small business owner, have you created an environment where teamwork is required to be successful?

Teamwork is not only important for small business success, but in most cases, it is a critical success factor in all facets of your business.

When you look at all the major functions in a small business – like sales, marketing, operations, finance and human resources – it typically takes more than one person to complete all the tasks and activities related to their functional area.

If more than one person is involved, then teamwork is important.

The lack of good teamwork impacts both efficiency and effectiveness.

When there is good teamwork, there is good customer service.

When teamwork is done well, invoices and payments to vendors are done on time. When teamwork doesn’t work well, things slip through the cracks.

Deadlines are missed, marketing opportunities are lost and growth potential is impacted.

To ensure teamwork works well for you, make sure there are standard operating procedures that employees follow. Measure your employees not only on their individual contributions, but also on how well they work with their fellow employees.

In major league sports, you’ll often see that the winning team doesn’t have the best player, but they win because they play so well as a team.

The same holds true in small businesses.

If you get your employees to work well as a team, it will help you to achieve success in your small business.

BUS 05-07-14

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