Irish pub book arrives after blizzards’ delay

Midwest storms held up copies



MILTON, Ga. – The new book on Irish pubs by local author/photographer Robert Meyers has been much anticipated, but only now has become available locally because of ice storms in the Midwest.

“Irish Pubs in America: History, Lore and Recipes” came about as an idea by Meyers and friend Ron Wallace to explore the phenomenon of Irish pubs and their effect on American culture.

That led to their sojourn from Boston to Honolulu visiting more than 100 pubs, which were culled down to 52 in the book.

“These pubs were a stopping off place for communities,” Meyers said. “They stopped off on their way home from work, after athletic events, weddings and funerals – all of the events of their lives. And often, they were the only cheerful place they had.

“But they were a jumping off place, too,” he said. “Often, it was an Irish pub like Sorley’s in New York that put up newly arrived immigrants and gave them a job and a room until they could launch themselves into America.”

Meyers explores the richness of life these pubs bring into a community that is unique to the Irish pub alone. And then there are the recipes that make an Irish pub distinct as well.

With each richly made photograph comes the personal story of each pub, shaped and shaping the communities in which they sit.

But really, an Irish pub in Honolulu? Wallace says there is not one, but two, and they are on opposite corners near the city’s Chinatown.

“One is all Red Sox, and the other is for the Yankees. But they come together for the largest St. Patrick’s celebration – not a parade – called the Sea of Green, and raise thousands of dollars for the University of Hawaii,” Wallace said.

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