Introducing Let's Learn Academy's Proven Approach to Integrated Learning



Let’s Learn Academy was developed as an integrated program for children who are academically capable but are struggling in their current environment.

We have a Holistic approach to teaching children, which bridges the gap between therapeutic interventions and academics:

• The LLA team of occupational, speech and physical therapists, together with our counselors and certified teachers build the curriculum after extensive testing. This encourages a strong neurological foundation which supports academic development.

• The LLA environment ensures that our students feel safe and secure; then we open up their imaginations through play and experiential learning. In doing so, academics become much easier to master and the child begins to love learning instead of resenting it. LLA provides a learning environment that connects instruction to the world your child lives in, gives our students a perspective of learning with a purpose.

• The individualized curriculum focuses on the child’s SPECIFIC needs from all therapeutic, neurological and academic perspectives and is also designed to exceed Georgia Performance Standards.

Our proven approach has led to improved self esteem and confidence in working independently in all areas of life, which further fosters self-discipline for schoolwork and homework as well as life skills.

Call today to discover how this unique approach can benefit your child’s academic success!

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