Introducing Facelift Dentures… the 'Fountain of Youth' for Denture Wearers



Cumming, GA (December 28, 2011) -- If you’re a denture wearer frustrated by the sunken-in look that often occurs from ill-fitting dentures, you might be a great candidate for ‘Facelift Dentures’ now available at The Dentist in Cumming.

According to Page Barden, D.D.S., a Forsyth County family dentist and the only dental practice in the area that specializes in this groundbreaking technique, ‘facelift dentures’ support the face like natural teeth and may be able to take 20 years off a patients’ appearance.

“When dentures are designed with optimum neuromuscular dimensions, the results are more stable and relaxed muscles thus eliminating the sunken-in look that occurs from unnatural looking dentures,” explains Dr. Barden. “Patients who choose ‘facelift dentures’ not only look and feel better and have a more youthful appearance but, more important, they experience improved chewing, function and fit.”

Because facelift dentures are custom designed and a custom fit, patients often experience immediate improvement in areas such as a more natural looking jawline, plumped out lips, lessened wrinkles and a face that just fills out better. With no surgery required, facelift dentures are the groundbreaking technique that many call the ‘fountain of youth for denture wearers.’

To learn more about ‘Facelift Dentures’ or to schedule an appointment, please contact The Dentist in Cumming at 770-844-6771 or visit their website at

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