In opposition to the Sharp Development in Alpharetta



Dear Editor:

I am a homeowner in Northwest Alpharetta, and I oppose Sharp Development’s rezoning application of 79 acres of agricultural land to build homes on mostly one-third to half-acre lots on Mayfield, Bates and Providence Roads. Alpharetta’s approved 2030 Comprehensive Plan, our community’s vision, goals and policies for future land use development, identifies Northwest Alpharetta as having a unique quality worth preserving and includes specifically defined policies and tailored development strategies to preserve and protect it. The Land Use Policy states, “Preserve the residential estate properties in NW Alpharetta by maintaining development densities at a much lower rate than that of the rest of the city” and “investigate opportunities to provide incentives through zoning, services, taxes, etc. to preserve the estate land densities.”

Recently, Alpharetta’s Planning Commission recommended approval of Sharp’s rezoning application in opposition to a City Hall chamber filled with homeowners opposing it. Not one resident spoke in favor of the application. As a concerned taxpayer and long-term resident of this area, I strongly urge the City Council to follow its own plan and investigate opportunities to preserve the precious few remaining acres of estate land rather than giving in to suburban-scale residential infill.

Dangerous precedent will be set on Nov. 26 if the council approves any development plan to build homes on lot sizes less than one acre.

Gary Thomas


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