If you are over 50, there are no excuses.



Here’s why there are no excuses: Colon cancer is a preventable form of cancer, often

curable when detected early, yet is the number two cause of death in the U.S. The American

College of Gastroenterology and The American Cancer Society recommend that colon cancer

screenings begin at the age of 50. However, if there is a history or risk factors in your family,

it is recommended that you get the screening at least 10 years prior to the age when the family

member was diagnosed. A colonoscopy is a quick, outpatient procedure and will remove

any potentially pre-cancerous polyps that are identified. Don’t make any excuses, make an appointment. Call 678-475-1606 or contact www.advgastro.com.

Advanced Gastroenterology Associates,

Brian Hudes, M.D., Medical Director

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