Ice Bucket Challenge spreads across district schools

Nice clothes no excuse for Big Creek principal



CUMMING, Ga. — The Ice Bucket Challenge that has gone viral on the Internet has hit the school yard.

Forsyth County principals are “calling out” others across the district on the challenge.

The social media craze, in which people dump a bucket of ice water on their head then call someone’s name to take part in the challenge, is raising awareness about ALS, which is commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease and has no cure.

The idea is that either the principal called out donates $100 to support ALS research or takes a bucket of ice over their head within 24 hours.

“We were called out by Sharon Elementary School yesterday afternoon and had to respond by the end of the school day today,” said Big Creek Elementary Principal Sherri Black on Aug. 14.

Black was dressed up for an elementary principals meeting that day. Many of her colleagues, who had been filmed taking the ice challenge, were in shorts or casual clothes.

“So I started by explaining to the students that we accept the challenge given to us by Sharon Elementary, but I couldn’t take the ice bucket on my head as I had to dress up for my meeting and was wearing my best clothes and shoes,” Black told the Forsyth Herald.

About 900 students gathered at the school’s garden did not stand for that excuse.

They started booing and chanting as Black asked her bookkeeper to bring her checkbook, so she could write out the check.

“While I was doing it, they got me with buckets and buckets of ice and water,” Black said. “We then called out and challenged Brookwood Elementary and Settles Bridge Elementary to keep it going.”

Because it was such a worthy cause, Black said Big Creek doubled the ALS research donation to $200.

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