ICMA to give greenspace report in Savannah



MILTON, Ga. – Growth has become a hot topic in Milton as construction picked up along with the economy. At the same time, preserving rural and green areas has become a pressing issue for some residents.

Members of the Milton City Council will attend a meeting June 22 in Savannah with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) to hear recommendations for preserving greenspace in Milton.

The meeting is scheduled during the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) conference, which all councilmembers will be attending in Savannah.

“ICMA is going to present their final presentation about keeping greenspace [in Milton] during the meeting in Savannah, and the plans will be brought back to Milton to be talked about during public meetings,” said Jason Wright, communications manager of Milton.

ICMA looks over leading practices to address the needs of local governments serving communities all over the world. According to the ICMA website, their mission is to “create excellence in local governance by developing and fostering professional management to build better communities.”

ICMA gathers information on the cities they visit, and then writes up a report with plausible ideas that could be implemented. Cities in the nation can apply to the ICMA program to gather new ideas for their government.

Milton applied in February for a report on what greenspace options are available, and four members from ICMA visited the city in March.

The meeting in Savannah is the initial presentation to City Council of what the ICMA thinks is possible in Milton.

The report will have recommendations, not set plans, for what actions Milton can take to preserve the land the city has left.

MH 06-18-14

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