Humble ranch home rises again



Usually when you mention a ranch home to someone in our area, you think old 1970s brick ranch.

There are a few of those out there, all over North Fulton and Forsyth County, too. There are quite a few different styles of ranch homes in our area and they run through all the price ranges, from under $100K to over a million dollars.

But ranch homes are far outnumbered by larger, two-story homes.

In fact, ranch home sales make up a very small percentage of overall sales. At the time this article was written, there were only 86 ranch homes in North Fulton actively listed for sale and some of those were over $1 million because they are on large acre tracts.

If you just look at homes on 2 acres or less, then it’s fewer than 70 homes. With just under 350 ranch homes sold in the past 12 months that equates to three months of inventory.

That’s what we would consider a tight market.

Out of all listing inventory in North Fulton, ranch homes make up about 5.5 percent of all available inventory.

You can imagine that someone looking for this type of home might have a hard time finding what they like.

In the 1970s, ranch homes made up 67 percent of all new home construction nationally. Now it’s about 45 percent.

Ranch home construction is on the rise a bit with our aging boomer population and the increase of active adult communities, but ranch homes are still a limited commodity.

Ninety percent of homeowners over 45 years of age say they want to age in their own home. And by 2020, 45 percent of all homes will have someone 55 or older.

It’s only natural that ranch homes will be even more in demand in the coming years.

So owners of ranch homes, take heart. And home flippers, maybe you want to make your next project one of those old brick ranches.


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