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Go interactive to get your information in the newspaper

We live in the information age. But a lot of people are sitting on the sidelines in respect to getting their information into print. We can help you help us.

Appen Newspapers – The Revue & News, Johns Creek Herald, Forsyth Herald and Milton Herald – want to print as much community news as possible. No matter how hard we try, we simply can’t get to every newsworthy event, ball game or school commendation.

That is where our readers come in. We love to receive photos and captions, calendar events (more on those later), team photos, event announcements and the like. When in doubt, send it in.

Our position is that the newspaper should reflect the community. That means filling it with community names and faces. Our goal is to hang on every refrigerator door. To do that, we need you.

So here are some easy guidelines:

HOW: Send all items except calendar to

PHOTOS: There are all sorts of ways to send photos electronically, but the best way for us is to receive them as a jpeg at high resolution. Phone photos and Internet photos usually do not have high enough resolution to be usable when we blow them up for newspaper size.

Do not embed the photo with the caption or story. That reduces the quality of the photo. So make it a jpeg attachment to the email.

CALENDAR: This one is simple. Go to our website and click on calendar. It will direct you on how to submit calendar items to the newspaper.

BUSINESS: If you are opening a new business or having an anniversary/grand opening, send us the information. If you have a new hire or a promotion, send it in. We love photos, so include one of the new hire or promotion. Ribbon cuttings are welcome.

SPORTS: We love sports too. Send us team photos with names included. Send us participation notices of tournaments and trips.

SCHOOLS: Most schools are good about sending in photos of students in their activities. We also like to note their academic achievements and give them kudos for those accomplishments.

VARSITY NEWS: Graduations, scholarships, achievements and honor rolls are welcome. Send us their name, school and the particulars.

One thing more. We can’t promise to run 100 percent of the items that are sent in. There are limits to space in each edition. But we can promise we WON’T run 100 percent of all items that are NOT submitted.

One more thing. The items that are submitted that read most closely like the sort of items you see in print all the time – we call that copy ready – seem to get in first. The items that are in first person, chatty like a letter to Aunt Harriet must be more carefully edited and slow us down. The items that are just a flyer and must be totally written from scratch by inserting the important bits are last on the totem pole.

We want to get the pulse of the community into the newspaper and we spend a lot of hours doing just that. But we can’t be everywhere, so if you can send something to us, we will respect that effort.

We know that as much as the Internet is a source of information, there still nothing like having it down in black and white.

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