How To Lose Weight



It's that time of the year.  New Year's resolution to lose weight.  But what you may have heard of how to lose weight may be so far from the truth.  The old saying of, "eat less and exercise more", is not the answer.

Starving the body by eating less may work for a little while but then the body will bounce back to its' original weight (yo-yo’ing).  The way to lose weight is not to eat less, but to eat more!  Eating less ends up creating a state of starvation and is considered "stressful" on the body.  The body will respond back by limiting further weight loss.  This is why many people may lose some weight and then plateau.

Exercising (physical activity) can be beneficial.  But if you over-exercise, your body will release cortisol (stress hormone).  Again, this is one of the reasons why some people can lose some weight and then plateau.  Why people plateau is very complex and many components of the way the body work have to be addressed.

Eating less also mean you are also consuming less micro nutrients like vitamins, minerals and trace elements; all of which are essential for the multitude of chemical reactions the body needs to lose weight.  Exercising has some of the same effect.  Exercising more requires more "building blocks" of protein and micro nutrients.  Exercise does reduce insulin resistance, the primary hormone involved in weight gain.

Beyond insulin, other things to consider in losing weight include thyroid status, hormonal imbalance, chronic gut infections, macro nutrition content, too much stress, lack of sleep, neurotransmitter imbalance, excess leptin hormone, and a few other things.  To learn more about how to properly lose weight contact Dr. Doniparthi at SomaNu Advanced Medical Center at 678-242-0204.

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