How To Dispose of the Leaves In Your Yard



Do you wonder what happens after you spend a long afternoon raking and carefully bagging a yard full of leaves? Republic Services will collect as many as 10 paper lawn bags from your household with no additional cost to Alpharetta residents. They will collect your yard waste separately from household waste and recycling, and then take it to a separate landfill.

If you have more leaves than time, or you don’t enjoy cramming them into bags and are looking for alternative options, consider composting your leaves. Leaves will decompose very quickly into compost. Composting leaves can be as simple as creating a leaf pile in the back of your yard and allowing the leaves to decompose over the winter. Turning the pile will help speed up the process, but you may be surprised to see how fast the leaves break down on their own. By the time spring arrives, your leaves should be transformed into fertilizer that you can use on your lawn or in your garden.

You may instead wish to consider a leaf shredder. Leaf shredders can drastically reduce the size of a leaf pile. Home improvement stores now offer entry-level leaf blowers that have the ability to shred and bag leaves with up to a 90% reduction in volume.

While your grass may have already gone dormant, you can also use a mulching mower to take care of those pesky leaves. A quick pass over the yard with the mower can quickly turn all of your leaves into dust that will help fertilize your lawn throughout the winter.

So the next time you find yourself reaching for the paper yard waste bags, you may want to take a look around your yard for a greener solution that will save you time and provide you with some free fertilizer!

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