Housing demand remains strong



Most people don’t think about putting their home on the market in December, or even January for that matter.

But prospective home sellers may want to reconsider, with inventory low and demand remaining strong in our area.

For the beginning of December, the inventory of single-family homes is down 9 percent in North Fulton and flat in Forsyth County from this time last year. Seasonally, this is typical as there are fewer buyers looking over the winter period so fewer homeowners list or leave their home on the market.

But when we look at demand (pending sales and past sales), home sellers may want to reconsider putting their home on the market now or immediately after the first of the year.

In December 2012, there were 214 homes sold in North Fulton and at the beginning of this month, there were already 414 properties under contract.

Similarly, last December there were 223 homes sold in Forsyth County with 497 under contract at the beginning of this month.

We won’t know what the final sales numbers will be for December 2013, but it is safe to say they will far outpace the previous year.

Between current demand and the prospect of more competition from a surge in new construction next spring, January looks like a seller’s sweet spot for hitting the market.

Bob Strader is a local realtor with the NORTH Group of Keller Williams Realty. Visit his blogs liveincumming.com or liveinalpharetta.com or email him: info@thenorthgroup.com.

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