Hopewell Middle ‘can build’ to support North Fulton Community Charities

More than 5,000 cans donated



MILTON, Ga. – Students at Hopewell Middle School in Milton had the chance to contribute to their community by participating in a “Hopewell Can Build” event benefiting North Fulton Community Charities.

Each homeroom had students bring in canned foods that were then used to build a variety of structures. Students used their creativity to make all kinds of structures, including an erupting volcano, a football stadium, a Christmas tree and an alligator.

The school fundraiser was organized by both the parent-teacher association and the student council.

Meggan Shafer, a member of the PTA, helped plan the event along with Julie Phillips.

She said that students marketed plans among their peers and organized their individual homerooms as to how many cans they wanted to bring in.

Shafer said their goal was to donate about 3,000 cans, but the school raised 5,821 items, well above the initial goal.

“We had so many cans brought in,” said sixth-grade teacher Vivian Perez. “The students were so excited and did such a great job.”

Her class alone brought in 294 cans with which they built a Christmas tree and train structure.

The class with the best can structure will receive a doughnut party, which teacher Judy Weurding said was good incentive for the children. The student council will judge the competition to decide the winner.

Shafer said it was a great opportunity for students to give back to their community.

“It was an overwhelming success,” she said.

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