Homeless man found in tent behind store



CUMMING, Ga. —A Target employee saw a tent behind the store, and worried about someone staying out there due to the cold, according to a Cumming Police incident.

On Jan. 16, the manager of Target, 1525 Market Place Boulevard, told officers he found the green tent behind a fence in the woods between the store and Ga. 400.

As officers climbed over the wire fence, a man walked out from inside the tent.

He told officers he had been staying there since July when his family kicked him out after having a stroke. He said he stayed there because it was close to the store and the hospital.

The man said he understood he could not stay there, but had nowhere else to go.

Officers looked up his name and saw he had a warrant for failure to appear in reference to shoplifting.

Officers handcuffed Earl Smith, 58, and took him to Cumming Police Department for booking.

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