Holy Guacamole! Celebrating my 60th with Healthy Mexican Fare!!



Yes, birthday celebrations can be healthy AND delicious. I’ve been known to stretch my clients (literally and figuratively) as Life, Weight and Wellness/Fitness Coach, but I think my friends thought I had lost my mind, when I sent out invitations for my party, asking everyone to bring a “healthy” Mexican dish. You see, I LOVE Mexican food. Variety is the spice of life…and Mexican fare not only offers endless choices, but can also be “spicy,” which makes it an even better choice, at least for me.

In a couple of months, mid August will mark 17 years since I started my final “release” of unhealthy physical weight, inner heaviness and “stuff” that I carried with me for 43 years. My life was out of control, as was my eating, my weight, and more, which had often been the case for most of my life.

Last Saturday night I celebrated my 60th birthday with dear friends, who were willing to honor and support my ongoing desire to be healthy, happy and whole, which empowers me in teaching others to do the same. I laughed when I sent out invitations, asking everyone to bring a “healthy” Mexican dish, as many of my friends thought it was odd that a birthday party would and could offer healthy and delicious choices, especially Mexican, which is typically perceived as unhealthy. Not the case for me. I am encouraged by some of the newer Mexican type restaurants, even some fast food ones, that offer better selections for healthier lifestyles.

One of my dearest, long time friends, made me feel even more special with a gluten-free carrot cake. A couple of years ago I learned that my body does not enjoy certain, if not most, grains, regardless if they are organic, whole, etc. Even some gluten free grains such as quinoa, and starches, such as rice, can be equally as challenging for my digestive system at times. The bottom line, at least for me, is to pay attention. Learn to listen to your body, as it is always offering you information, many messages to guide you along your path to wholeness and vitality.

Avocados are a staple in my life. Not only are they delicious, eaten plain, but can be chunked up, whipped up (your preference) with fresh ingredients for a tantalizing taste bud pleaser as guacamole, salad topper or dish ingredient. Avocados are rich in MUFA’s (monounsaturated fatty acids) which are great for your health. Enjoy them in moderation, as they are high in fat, but are still very nourishing. Our bodies require healthy fats in order to function optimally, helping to keep everything running smoothly. I often find that people tend to exclude all, if not most fats from their diet, when in fact they are essential to optimal and abundant health in mind, body and spirit.

The next time you’re throwing a party, having friends over to hang out, or cooking a special meal for yourself or family, consider Mexican fare. Be willing to stretch yourself, and learn how to prepare some easy dishes. The choices and ideas are endless.

Spice up your mealtime. Spice up your mouth. Spice up your life!

Life is a party!! Grab the guacamole. Grab some healthy non GMO, gluten free chips (salt free-you can add your own if you need to) and let’s SALSA!!!

Hasta la vista Baby!!

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