Hillside Elementary students have science day



ROSWELL, Ga. — When children see the prevalence of science in everyday life and are exposed to the excitement of scientific discovery firsthand, they are more likely to develop a lifelong appreciation for and understanding of scientific concepts. Such is the idea behind Science Day, a daylong program at Hillside Elementary School in Roswell, designed to expose students to the wonders of the natural world.

Science Day, held this year Nov. 9, is a large-scale, daylong event dedicated to exposing, inspiring and engaging students of Hillside with the wonders of science. All students, from kindergarten through fifth grade, worked in collaborative groups, studied fundamental science concepts and acquired real-life experiences and problem-solving skills as they delved into grade-appropriate, skill-based experiments.

“Each grade has experiments according to what there are studying,” said PTA member Leah Ward. “There are over 195 experiments happening throughout the building with each student getting hands-on exposure to at least five experiments.”

At the end of the day, the students had to teach their teachers what they learned from each experiment.

Experiments were held in most classrooms as well as on the school grounds. Rockets were sent flying to show how strong pressure can get. Eggs were dropped from a firetruck, and young students played with “ooblek,” a liquid that becomes a solid when pressure is applied.

“If we are to increase the science literacy of our community, we need to show that science, math and engineering are relevant and exciting,” said Dr. Maisha Otway, principal of Hillside Elementary School.

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