High school fencers ‘work hard’ in competition



NORTH FULTON, Ga. — As the high school fencing season continues, several star fencers have risen to the top and claimed gold medals at the Georgia High School Fencing League (GHSFL) tournaments.

On Nov. 2, there were 229 fencers representing Forsyth, Fulton and Cherokee counties dueling at Pope High School in Marietta.

The tournament’s women’s epee winner, Caitlin Stanton of Alpharetta High School, walked away with her third consecutive gold medal.

“It felt really good to win,” Stanton said. “The tournament was double the normal size, so I had to work extra hard.”

Stanton has already signed a letter of intent from Sacred Heart University. Sacred Heart, located in Fairfield, Conn., is a Division I fencing school.

As one of the top fencers in Georgia, the 17-year-old senior placed first in the past two smaller tournaments in September and October, where the schools were split in two.

GHSFL coordinated all the schools in the league to attend the November tournament, which made for the largest since 2007.

Stanton has also made a name for herself through her fencing club in national competitions.

She recently participated in a national tournament in Wisconsin with 3,000 fencers and placed 22nd in her division.

Stanton said one of her biggest accomplishments was in a tournament in Rio, Nev., this past March.

“I came in second place, and it was a big deal because I went up in ratings,” Stanton said.

Her parents, Dorothy and Joe Stanton, said they have enjoyed leading the team with their daughter and the “great group” at Alpharetta High School.

Dorothy Stanton said her daughter has applied for three colleges that offer NCAA fencing and plans to fence all four years while earning her undergraduate degree.

“I hope to become a starter from the get-go and eventually a captain,” Stanton said. “I love being captain, and it’s just a lot of fun.”

Alpharetta High School will host the next GHSFL tournament on Dec. 21.

For more information, visit www.ghsfl.net.

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