Haynes Bridge Rd. to reopen in Alpharetta, paves way for new library



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — The City of Alpharetta will open the newly relocated section of Haynes Bridge Road Dec. 29 -- two days before schedule.

Beginning at noon, the public will be able to use the new road section between Old Milton Parkway and Academy Street.

Motorists are advised that the opening of the road coincides with the beginning of operation of a new traffic signal located on Academy Street. The traffic signal is located between First Baptist Church and the Academy Park neighborhood.

A portion of the road was shut in October because construction had fallen four months behind schedule.

This is one of the major developments in the Alpharetta City Center Project. The portion of the road was relocated to combine the 26-acre site and pave the way for construction of the new Fulton County library branch on a 3-acre site donated by the city.

In an effort to catch up, the road between Old Milton Parkway and Academy Street was shut.

The work was delayed due to inclement weather in the city as well as severe weather throughout the region, which diverted local utility workers to help, said Alpharetta Engineering Director Pete Sewczwicz.

With no workers, the construction could not continue as scheduled and, as Sewczwicz put it, the delays snowballed from there.

By closing down the entire section of street, workers were able to expand their scope of work to complete the contract.

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