Halloween Hike at the Chattahoochee Nature Center a raging success



ROSWELL, Ga. — The Chattahoochee Nature Center held its 28th annual Halloween Hike Oct. 26-27.

Adorable children strode with their fairy wings and superhero capes at 9135 Willeo Road. They were thrilled to see that their favorite part of the event was intact.

No, not the dessert table, but the animals. As the giant lady bugs and Venus fly traps recited educationally amusing poems about their habitats, children listened intently. Everyone’s favorite animal was the box turtle, which spat out jokes for the kids along with political puns for adults.

Children were brought back to the campfire, where they devoured roasted marshmallows while live music played around them.

Heading inside, the air buzzed as children waited to receive a “tattoo” and make projects out of pom-poms.

Call the Chattahoochee Nature Center at 770-992-2055 for more information.

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