HOWLpharetta to reveal local ghosts

New walking ghost tour to open July 12 in Alpharetta



ALPHARETTA, Ga. —Combining a love of history and spooky stories has created Alpharetta’s first walking ghost tour. The HOWLpharetta tour will start July 12, and will take guests through downtown Alpharetta with Jen Hunt.

“At the beginning of all my tours I give a disclaimer saying I’m not a paranormal expert, nor do I claim to be,” said Hunt. “I’m more of a history buff and as I started researching about the history of Alpharetta, I had a lot of residents and business owners tell me their paranormal experiences and the more of those that we came about, the more I thought ‘wow, there’s a lot of spooky history here.’”

After Hunt moved to Alpharetta a year ago, she got involved with the Alpharetta Historical Society and it sparked her interest in the paranormal.

“I started out wanting to do a general history tour, but the more I investigated, the more stories I got about this stuff,” said Hunt. “When I found out Alpharetta didn’t have any ghost tours, I thought I’d be interested in taking this tour, so maybe someone else would be, too.”

Her interests lead her to research for a year to get as much information as possible.

“I really want to be accurate and get as many interviews as I can and try to validate any kind of experience anyone has had,” said Hunt. “I honestly have enough for two tours with all the stories people like to tell.”

Once Hunt realized her tour would be ghost driven, she set out to perfect what she’d share with her audience, all in good nature.

Hunt’s says she’s a ghost tour buff and really likes the Roswell Ghost Tour.

“I’ve been on so many tours in New Orleans, Savannah and all over the place,” said Hunt, “but I would say Roswell is, if not the best, one of the best I’ve ever been on.”

Hunt doesn’t compare her tour to Roswell’s because she says they’re more paranormal experts, while she enjoys history and stories.

“They’re more of the meat and potatoes of ghost hunting,” said Hunt, “I’m more of the cotton candy.”

Nonetheless, tourists and locals alike will enjoy the tour, Hunt said.

“I’m a research geek at heart,” said Hunt. “I used to work in television production and it’s in my nature to dig as far as I can possibly dig and then try to dig more. I got crazy into it and I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I know more than most, and hopefully I can educate people about it.”

Visit or call 1-800-979-3370. to get more information and tickets. The first tour starts July 12 and takes place Fridays and Saturdays through December.

This was published in the July 12 issue of the Revue & News.

EDITOR'S NOTE: an earlier version of this story contained an incorrect contact number.

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