Growing your small business



It’s a new year, but the No. 1 one priority for small businesses is still the same. Growing revenue is still at the top of the list for the majority of small business owners. So what are you doing to ensure that you achieve your growth goals? Have you evaluated different options you can utilize to generate more business?

Now is the time to plan, document and execute new revenue generating initiatives! A good starting point is to focus on your existing customers. What are your plans to retain them and expand the amount of business they do with you? Do you have new products or services you could offer? Getting existing customers to buy more than they did last year will provide some great impetus to revenue growth.

What about new customers? How are you attracting new customers to your business? What are your marketing plans? Have you scheduled events or meetings to build relationships with potential customers? Attracting new business is also essential to revenue growth.

What are you doing to make your sales process more effective and efficient? Closing business faster, selling larger transactions and beating the competition more often will help you reach your sales goals quicker. Ensuring that your sales team has well-defined goals and fully understands your growth strategy is also very important.

While small business owners have a lot of challenges on their mind, achieving revenue growth continues to be a top priority for the new year.

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