Growing Old Together – From Spouse to Caregiver and Back

Belmont Village offers support for couples with varying needs



Most couples would say they were firm in their commitment when they took their marriage vows. Time and circumstances pull many apart, but those who make it 30, 40, 50, even 60 + years probably consider themselves on solid ground. However, it’s not uncommon for couples who have spent most of their lives together to face the threat of separation in later years because of varying health needs. Differences in health and cognitive abilities can have a significant impact on the relationship dynamic, as one partner steps into the caregiving role. This often creates stress for both that can make time together difficult and time apart worrisome.

“One of the hidden benefits we’ve seen with our couples, is that because we have a nurse and a trained caregiving staff on-site 24/7, we’re able to give them back their personal space in a way that alleviates guilt, fear, and very real physical and emotional strain, allowing them to better enjoy their time together,” said Jan Boatright, executive director of Belmont Village at Johns Creek. “Between the support we provide in terms of healthcare, therapy and daily living, and the range of lifestyle options, both spouses are able to comfortably interact with peers socially and maintain their mental and physical fitness, nutrition, spirituality and creativity in ways that are appropriate to each partner’s needs.”

Belmont Village is a premier provider of independent living, assisted living and memory care. Residents enjoy chef-prepared meals, transportation services, and a full daily calendar of fitness and social activities and events. Physical, occupational and speech therapies are available and a licensed nurse is on-site 24/7. Enrichment programs include MBA Club®, for more active residents focused on maintaining brain and body. Belmont Village also provides a dedicated Person-Centered Living® program for Alzheimer’s care. For more information, please visit or call 770-813-9505.

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