Group tries to break into car in Roswell



ROSWELL, Ga. – A woman’s car was nearly broken into May 3 after several men tried to get in while she was nearby.

The victim told police she was near the dumpster of the Wood Creek Apartments when four young men wearing black with red bandanas approached, with one wielding a knife. They pulled on the door handle when she got back into the car and she then drove away.

Police arrived and found the men near the leasing office. The officer ordered the four to approach his squad car. Three complied, but the fourth, Antonio Shirad Johnson, 26, of Old Dogwood Road, Roswell, did not.

Instead, he placed his hands in his pockets. He was known to police as previously possessing firearms. A search of Johnson turned up marijuana.

One of the other men, Joshua Grogan, 18, of Old Holcomb Bridge Road, was found to have a warrant out for his arrest.

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