Greenway to link Westside, North Point Pkwy.



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – The Alpharetta City Council agreed to sign a contract with the state to complete a link between two parts of the Greenway.

At their Aug. 18 meeting, the council heard from Grants Administrator Amanda Day, who said the connection would link the Greenway between Westside Parkway and North Point Parkway, along Encore Parkway.

The costs of the construction is split between Alpharetta and the Georgia Department of Transportation. The state agency will pay $800,000, with Alpharetta paying $200,000.

“We are wrapping up designs and right of way for the traffic enhancement contract,” said Day.

She said the city hopes to complete the connection by the end of the year.

Also at the meeting:

The city approved spending about $55,000 to fund an interim director for the Alpharetta Technology Commission and find a permanent candidate for the position.

The interim director will be on the job for six months while a permanent person is sought. The director will be paid no more than $35,000. A firm will be hired for $20,000 to find a replacement.


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