Grammy-nominated musician arrested in Alpharetta

Young Jeezy charged with obstruction after panic alarm



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Atlanta-based rapper “Young Jeezy” was arrested Jan. 21 in Alpharetta for allegedly obstructing police after a panic alarm went off in a residence.

Police were called out to an Adagio Drive townhome about 1:42 p.m. after a panic alarm went off. There were no signs of damage or distress about the outside of the home, the responding officers wrote in their report. As they looked around the property, a man came to the back door, later identified as Young Jeezy, aka Jay Wayne Jenkins, 36, of East Point.

Jenkins claimed the home belonged to his girlfriend and she had accidentally set off the alarm as she left the home. When officers asked if they could search the home to verify there was no one in danger, Jenkins refused. He also refused to identify himself.

Jenkins was arrested for obstruction.

“He refused to cooperate with the officers by providing his identity, which is required by law,” said George Gordon, spokesman for Alpharetta Department of Public Safety. “The officers were facing an unknown situation involving a panic alarm. The officers did not know if someone was inside injured, deceased or if a burglary had taken place or even if the scene was safe.

“This incident could have been avoided if the male had provided the information needed on scene to our police officers,” Gordon added."These officers faced many unknown variables coupled with the fact the male observed on scene would not identify himself. Officers needed the information to ensure their safety and to properly identify the male on scene. This was a panic alarm call and officers needed to determine if a crime had taken place. For reasons unknown to us, the male would not cooperate, became verbally abusive and escalated the situation which resulted in his lawful arrest."

A search of the home turned up nothing amiss.

Jenkins is a four-time Grammy-nominated musician. His first single, “Soul Survivor,” which featured singer Akon, became a top-ten hit. He has had several run-ins with law enforcement in the last 10 years. After Hurricane Katrina, he opened his house to homeless victims.

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