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ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Tom Vooris knows going out to eat at a restaurant is not always convenient. Plus, if he’s having a party, he’d much rather enjoy time with guests than laboring over a hot stove.

Enter GoWaiter.com, a franchise service that allows anyone to order off the menu from a list of established local restaurants – and not just pizza or Chinese food.

Vooris and his wife, Laura, were immediately hooked.

“It’s a place that gives you the ability to order from restaurants that would not have delivered to you,” Vooris said. “You’re not just getting the conveyor belt pizza, or that local Chinese delivery. You have the opportunity to get any cuisine you’d like.”

Vooris had retired from the mortgage industry and was volunteering for a foster children’s group until it closed when he discovered the GoWaiter franchise he always used was up for sale.

Vooris met with GoWaiter’s chief executive officer and ended up buying that franchise in Duluth and two others – one that covers Alpharetta and Roswell and another that covers central Gwinnett County.

“I went from retired to no time for myself,” said Vooris.

Vooris and his wife have run GoWaiter for about a year, and said they couldn’t be happier with new restaurant additions and a growing client list.

The service adds new varieties of food each month, delivering American, Moroccan, Chinese and Indian fusion, Thai food, Mexican, Asian, Greek, Mediterranean and “just about everything under the sun.”

“We have a very good working relationship with our restaurant partners,” he said “They love the extra sales.”

For a customer craving something different, it’s easy: go to www.gowaiter.com, enter a zip code and the menus for available restaurants appear.

Scroll to find a restaurant and click to have it delivered. The service costs about $4.99 to $8.99 depending on how far the driver has to travel. A household or office can even order from different restaurants. Expect about an hour for delivery, sometimes a little longer if a restaurant is busy and backed-up on orders. But with a little forethought, meal planners can serve at any hour they wish.

“Before us, you’d have to drive there and you knew you still were going to wait,” Vooris said. “This way, you get to have the same food brought to your house, while you’re chilling.”

Vooris also gives back to causes he’s passionate about, including mentoring, March of Dimes and a recent fundraiser for a Gwinnett Medical mobile neonatal intensive care unit ambulance to specifically treat premature babies.

Vooris is a father to triplets who were born prematurely. If it weren’t for the hospital being equipped with lifesaving gear, one of the babies may have died.

“We are very community oriented and children to me, that’s our future,” Vooris said. “We always try to give back. That’s why we run these specials.”

Restaurants using Alpharetta.GoWaiter.com

➢ Annie’s Italian Kitchen

➢ Your Pie Roswell

➢ Moe’s Windward and Milton

➢ Fishook Grille

➢ On the Border

➢ Slope’s BBQ Roswell

➢ Dal Cuore Restaurant

➢ Shane’s Rib Shack

➢ Simon’s Chinese

➢ Lime Juice Thai

➢ Hudson Grille

➢ McAlister’s Deli

➢ Altobeli’s Italian

➢ Seven Seas

➢ Twisted Taco Windward and Johns Creek

➢ Chili’s Windward

➢ Good Grub Subs

➢ Uncle Maddio’s Pizza

➢ Luv-a-Bowl Acai Bowl Cafe

➢ Mirko Pasta

➢ Gyro Bros

➢ Abhiruchi Indian

➢ Thai Star Café

➢ Stax Burger Bar

➢ Haiku Sushi

➢ Grand Champion BBQ

➢ Zola Italian Bistro

➢ Café Efendi Mediterranean

➢ Paradise Biryani

➢ Buca di Beppo Italian

➢ Papouli’s Mediterranean

➢ Mama’s Pizza

➢ La Cazuela Mexican

➢ Mambo’s Café

➢ Firefly

➢ Tin Drum Asia Café

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