Gift card buyers scammed out of $3.5K



CUMMING, Ga. — Two people experienced similar scams after buying Visa gift cards and lost about $3,500, according to Forsyth County Sheriff’s incident reports.

A customer of CVS, 2985 Ronald Reagan Boulevard, told deputies he bought six $500 Visa gift cards on March 31.

He said when he scratched off the back of the cards to reveal a 10-digit pin activation number, he found four out of the six cards did not have all 10 numbers.

He called customer service on the back of the card.

Customer service personnel said the cards were no good, and someone had already used $2,000.

The victim was told this is a scam where someone writes down the pin number on the back of the cards and uses them before the customer who purchased the card.

On April 3, another man told deputies he bought four $500 Visa cards at a CVS off Post Road.

Within hours of buying the cards, someone had already cashed three of the four cards, costing the customer $1,500.

The victim was able to stop the last of the cards from being used.

Deputies said someone has been taking the gift cards, copying the barcode and scratching off pin numbers. Then, the perpetrators conceal the tampered numbers and place them back while awaiting their victim.

FH 04-10-15

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