Get to know Fulton County’s District 2 candidates

Ellis, Broadwell vie for new position




MILTON, Ga. — Both candidates running for the newly created Fulton County Commission District 2 seat agree on one thing – it’s about time North Fulton is properly represented.

“By design of the previous district map, North Fulton County lacked adequate representation,” candidate Bob Ellis said. “But the addition of this new district will give North Fulton taxpayers a bigger voice.”

His opponent, Eric Broadwell, agrees.

“There has been a need for proper representation of North Fulton County for some time now, and this new district provides many opportunities for the community,” said Broadwell.

District 2, part of House Bill 171 signed by Gov. Nathan Deal in May 2013, was created and lobbied for by six North Fulton Republicans concerned about the underrepresentation of the north in county politics.

The addition of the district changed the county map, eliminating one of two at-large districts – including the chair. It extended the Buckhead district and divided North Fulton into two separate districts, giving the north end of the county a better-sized piece of the pie.

District 2 now represents both Milton and Roswell along with a small section of Alpharetta.

But just who are these two candidates?

Here’s a brief run down on each of them.

Bob Ellis

If elected, Ellis said he would work to correct the underrepresentation of taxpayers in North Fulton and improve business practices to refine the functionality of Fulton County government.

He promises to do this in ways that would positively impact the finances of both the government and citizens.

More about Ellis:

• Believes sound business management practices and consistency are necessary for the district position.

• Received a bachelor’s degree with honors in finance from the University of Georgia.

• Long-term resident of North Fulton and currently lives in Milton with his wife and three children.

• Former youth athletic volunteer coach for baseball, basketball and football.

• Attends Northbrook United Methodist Church where he is actively involved in leadership.

• Board member of Veterans Empowerment Organization, devoted to improving the quality of life for military veterans by providing services creating self-sufficiency.

• Over 21 years of business experience with the Chubb Corp., where he is an executive managing profit and loss centers in multiple states since 1997.

• Successful at Chubb Corp. in implementing business practices and financial structures that have increased revenue and improved the overall function of the company.

Eric Broadwell

If elected, Broadwell said he would work to reduce Fulton County’s high debt by initiating business practices to lower the budget and create positive change in policy as well as improve accountability for government positions.

More about Broadwell:

• Believes old-time, conservative politics are necessary for this district position.

• Received a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Georgia Tech.

• Lives in Roswell with his wife and three children.

• Holds certifications as a select soccer coach, race director, cycling instructor and pilot.

• Founding member of Saint Andrew’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

• Active community leader in Roswell and surrounding areas.

• Past president of Bike Roswell.

• Board member of Cobb EMC since March 2012.

• Serves as chairman of Cobb EMC’s Finance Committee where he oversees the budget and has successfully reduced electric rates twice.

• Spearheaded efforts to enact term limits for Cobb EMC board members.

• Previous chief information officer of a national mortgage company.

Citizens will vote for their candidate of choice on May 20.

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