Georgia ranks in top 10 for dog bites

Recent poll shows Georgia had ninth most claims for dog attacks



ATLANTA –– May 19 marks the first day for National Dog Bite Prevention Week. A recent State Farm poll shows that Georgians might have something to worry about.

According to State Farm, Georgia ranks No. 9 for states with the most claims for dog bites, with 121 claims worth $3.3 million.

Forsyth County Animal Control said there were 142 dog bites reported in 2012 and so far, 37 dog bites have been reported in 2013.

Numbers for Fulton were not available by our news deadline.

The American Veterinary Medical Association is now offering residents of Georgia tips on how to reduce the number of dog bites.

“Dogs are wonderful, intelligent and loyal creatures, but they depend on responsible owners to teach them how to behave around people,” said Dr. Douglas G. Aspros, president of the AVMA. “Understanding how dogs behave and how to behave around dogs could save countless people from the serious physical and emotional consequences of a dog bite.”

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