Georgia Tech graduates 2,700 students



ATLANTA -- The Georgia Institute of Technology presented degrees to approximately 2,700 undergraduate and graduate students during the Institute's 245 commencement exercises, including the following students:


Emily Abernathy - BS in Econ & Int'l Affairs and BS in Management; Olivia Acuff - BS in Econ & Int'l Affairs; Sean Anaya - BS in Business Administration; William Anderson - BS in Business Administration; Yukti Arora - BS in Environmental Engr; Mark Aw - BS in Biochemistry; Anna Babaie - BS in Biochemistry; Ge Bai - BS in Business Administration; Esfandiar Bakhtiarnejad - MS in Public Policy; Radha Balasubramaniam - BS in Business Administration; Andres Barrenechea - BS in Biomedical Engineering; Catherine Benson - BS in Civil Engineering; Matthew Betts - MS in Psychology; Christina Bins - BS in Chemical & Bio Engineering; Roxanne Botha - BS in Business Administration; Thomas Brumby - BS in Chemical & Bio Eng; Joseph Burton - BS in Building Construction; Rachel Calhoun - BS in Industrial Design; Andres Celedon - BS in Public Policy; Christopher Chang - BS in Computer Science; Pamela Chi - BS in Biochemistry; Angela Chiang - BS in Biology; Andrew Chupp - BS in Business Administration; John Coombs - BS in Computational Media; Matthew Cooper - BS in Computational Media; Tyler Cox - BS in Applied Mathematics; Samuel Crowe - MS in Mechanical Engineering; Eric Davis - BS in Business Administration; Jeffrey Dube - MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering; Puja Dullabh - BS in Business Administration; Sean Fauntleroy - BS in Mechanical Engineering; Azeem Feroz - BS in Industrial Engineering; Caitlin Gezon - BS in Mechanical Engineering; Jessica Gibson - Master of Business Administration; Neha Gilja - BS in Business Administration; Jason Han - BS in Aerospace Engineering; Brett Hanley - BS in Nuclear & Radiological Engineering; Kevin Hartigan - BS in Business Administration; Nathanial Heard - BS in Computer Science; Michelle Hellem - BS in Electrical Engineering; Agnes Ho - BS in Biology; Benjamin Hoffman - BS in Mechanical Engineering; Raina Howard - BS in Business Administration; Dustin Hsu - BS in Industrial Engineering; Tony Huang - BS in Business Administration; Griffin Hunt - BS in Business Administration; Randall Hutchison - Master of Business Admin; Akram Ibrahim - BS in Business Administration; Zeshan Iqbal - BS in Business Administration; Juliet Jacobson - BS in Biomedical Engineering; Brent Jaworski - BS in Electrical Engineering; Michael Johnston - BS in Chemical & Bio Engineering; Alisha Kasam - BS in Mechanical Engineering; William Kearney - BS in Business Administration; Hannah Keith - BS in Biology; Daniel Kester - BS in Computer Science; Vladislav Khamarmer - BS in Computer Science; Michael Kidney - BS in Business Administration; Sa Kim - BS in Building Construction; Abigail King - BS in Public Policy; Timothy Kolesar - BS in Chemical & Bio Eng; Colin Korbisch - BS in Biomedical Engineering; Sravya Kotte - BS in Computer Science; Kimberly Laughlin - BS in Business Administration; George Law - BS in Business Administration; Sofia Lazaro - BS in Int'l Affairs & Modern Language; Christine Lee - BS in Biology; Young Lee - BS in Industrial Engineering; Andrew Lei - BS in Biomedical Engineering; Emily Lenke - BS in Architecture; Hibisca Liaw - MS in Mechanical Engineering; Andrew Liu - MS in Computer Science; Amanda Loftin - BS in Polymer & Fiber Engineering; Andrew Loo - BS in Civil Engineering; Emily Malis - BS in Business Administration; Olivia Mann - BS in Polymer & Fiber Engineering; Luke Mastrangelo - BS in Industrial Design; Brittany Mays - BS in Business Administration; Brittany Mays - BS in Applied Language/Intercultural St; Erin McPherson - BS in Psychology; David Moore - BS in Architecture; Marcela Moreno - BS in History, Technology, & Society; Davina Morrow - BS in Chemical & Bio Engineering; David Murray - BS in Computer Science; Kaitlynn Myrick - BS in Computer Science; John Nakano - BS in Computer Science; Lauren Nolte - BS in Business Administration; Courtney Olson - BS in Business Administration; Brian O'Saben - BS in Mechanical Engineering; James Padget - BS in Business Administration; Hannah Paek - BS in Business Administration; Jun Park - BS in Biomedical Engineering; Priya Patel - BS in Mechanical Engineering; Samuel Patton - MS in Medical Physics; Christopher Perkins - BS in Industrial Engineering; Trey Pichon - BS in Polymer & Fiber Engineering; Tyler Plunkett - BS in Electrical Engineering; Yoomi Pyo - BS in Computer Science; Casey Radke - BS in History, Technology, & Society; Amit Rahman - BS in Business Administration; Curtis Renshaw - BS in Physics; Laura Richter - Master of City & Regional Planning; Laura Richter - Master of Architecture; Haley Ruff - BS in Business Administration; Chelsea Sanders - BS in Industrial Engineering; Christian Scholz - BS in Industrial Engineering; Vamsi Segireddy - BS in Industrial Engineering; Sumeet Shah - BS in Electrical Engineering; Aditya Sharma - BS in Computer Science; Ashley Shedd - BS in Business Administration; Azam Siddiqui - BS in Biology; Marshall Sims - BS in Public Policy; Preeti Singh - BS in Industrial Engineering; Chloe Smith - BS in Global Econ/Mod Lang; Tyler Spartz - BS in Business Administration; Pierce Sullivan - BS in Business Administration; Mary Swanson - BS in Business Administration; Megan Sweeney - BS in Industrial Engineering; Parth Thakore - BS in Psychology; Jacob Thomsen - BS in Industrial Engineering; Madhuri Tondepu - BS in Computer Science; Erik Trum - BS in Industrial Engineering; Matthew Versteeg - BS in Computer Engineering; Joy Vitebsky - BS in Business Administration; Austin Wang - BS in Civil Engineering; Minghao Wang - BS in Business Administration; Anton Warendh - BS in Econ & Int'l Affairs; Nicholas Watson - BS in Computer Science; Brett Wilson - MS in Electrical and Computer; Cassie Xie - BS in Science, Tech, & Culture; John Yurchesyn - BS in Physics; Brad Zani - BS in Economics; Julie Zhang - BS in Business Administration; WenWen Zhao - Master of Architecture.


Christopher Akers - Master of Business Admin; Pradeep Anandapu - BS in Biomedical Engineering; Christopher Anderson - BS in Electrical Engineering; Benjamin Atkinson - BS in Management; Jack Bell - BS in Nuclear & Radiological Engineering; Kyle Bove - BS in Business Administration; Caroline Brewer - BS in Business Administration; Gregory Cobb - BS in Computer Science; Kevin Coe - BS in Industrial Engineering; Martin Copenhaver - BS in Applied Mathematics; Lauren Danish - BS in Psychology; Daniele De Lessio - BS in Psychology; Vasiliy Demchenko - BS in Physics; Julian Diaz Ospina - MS in Computational Science & Engineering; Alexander Dillman - BS in Business Administration; Katherine Evans - BS in Industrial Engineering; Catherine Flynn - BS in Int'l Affairs & Modern Language; John Ganter - BS in Building Construction; Danielle Gleaton - Master of Business Administration; Andrew Guedry - Master of Science; Agreen Hadadi - BS in Biology; Jeffery Halter - Master of Business Administration; Catherine Horton - BS in Public Policy; Jason Iandoli - BS in Biomedical Engineering; Ryan Iandoli - MS in Aerospace Engineering; Kevin Johnstone - BS in Computer Science; Ivan Kolesov - Doctor of Philosophy; Amy Lee - BS in Business Administration; Martina Lemke - BS in International Affairs; Joseph Lind - BS in Computer Engineering; Paul Lorenc - Master of City & Regional Planning; Charles Lu - BS in Mechanical Engineering; Wright Malone - BS in Aerospace Engineering; Cullen McGeady - MS in Civil Engineering; Daniel Mendel - BS in Physics; Anneliese Morse - BS in Business Administration; Salvador Ocampo - BS in Business Administration; Nahla Osman - BS in Industrial Design; Marius Popescu - BS in Aerospace Engineering; Trevor Radcliffe - BS in Computer Science; Lindsay Resnick - BS in History, Technology, & Society; John Rhodes - Master of City & Regional Planning; Kevin Robertson - BS in Biology; Viktoriya Sherman - MS in Electrical and Computer; Andrew Sills - BS in Civil Engineering; Andrew St James - BS in Biology; Matthew Uhlman - BS in Aerospace Engineering; Samuel Uhlman - BS in Mechanical Engineering; Nicole Van Leuvan - Master of Business Admin; William Wilkinson - BS in Management; Allison Woodward - BS in Industrial Design; Michael Zeitz - BS in Computer Science; David Zhu - BS in Biology.


Taryn Adler - BS in Biochemistry; Seth Austin - BS in Mechanical Engineering;

Justin Castleberry - BS in Civil Engineering; Cynthia Cromer - MS in Materials Science & Engineering; Aleksandra Dabrowska - BS in Econ & Int'l Affairs; Melissa Eaton - BS in International Affairs; Carl Enger - BS in Industrial Engineering; Michael Kevin Guillermo - BS in Aerospace Engineering; Maria Guzman Gutierrez - BS in Industrial Engineering; Cameron Hord - BS in Computer Science; Yameen Huq - BS in Chemical & Biological Engineering; Andrew Kim - BS in Computer Science; Rachael Luetschwager - BS in Industrial Design; Mackenzie Madden - Master of City & Regional Planning; John McIntosh - BS in Computer Science; Gordon Terwillegar - MS in Civil Engineering; Suresh Vadhanam - Master of Business Admin; Haritha Viravalli - BS in Computer Science; Elizabeth Whiteman - BS in Civil Engineering; Logan Williams - Doctor of Philosophy; Young-Jun Yoon - BS in Aerospace Engineering.

Johns Creek

Lindsey Anderson - BS in Business Administration; Elizabeth Bivins - BS in Science, Tech, & Culture; Parth Brahmbhatt - MS in Mechanical Engineering; Shruti Chandramouli - BS in Biology; Patrick Creagh - BS in Business Administration; Jacob Crowe - BS in Chemical & Bio Engineering; Brittney George - BS in Biology; Suk Hyun Hahm - BS in Biochemistry; Erica Hanselman - MS in Building Construction/Facility Management; Christine Hwang - BS in Industrial Engineering; Hasan Khosravi - BS in Biochemistry; Apekshith Ramesha - BS in Computer Engineering; Nicole Robertson - BS in Int'l Affairs & Mod Lang; Nishant Srinivasan - BS in Mechanical Engineering; Katherine Uyesugi - BS in Biology; Catherine Wahl - BS in Business Administration.


Andrew Caldwell - BS in Business Administration; Leah Criscolo - BS in Computational Media; David Nash - MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering; Yeuan-Ling Yang - BS in Biomedical Engineering.


Christina Carroll - MS in Environmental Engineering; Sean Chappell - BS in Management; Belal Chehimi - BS in Industrial Engineering; Jessica Greenstein - BS in Architecture; Michelle Han - BS in Psychology; Ryan Hon - MS in Nuclear Engineering; Brian Kim - BS in Industrial Engineering; Caroline Kim - BS in Business Administration; Hailey Kim - BS in Industrial Design; Kwang Kim - MS in Computer Science; Ji Min Lee - BS in Industrial Design; Jina Lee - BS in Industrial Design; Saroja Malladi - BS in Psychology; You Won Min - BS in Applied Mathematics; Dante Montgomery - BS in Mechanical Engineering; David Mun - BS in Industrial Engineering; Myeung Oh - BS in Electrical Engineering; Caroline Porter - BS in Business Administration; Ahmad Rahim - BS in Mechanical Engineering; Ramya Ramakrishnan - BS in Computer Science; Brian Robertson - Master of Business Administration; Brian Robertson - MS in Quanta/Computation Finance; Shivani Shah - BS in Psychology; Alexander Sohani - BS in Industrial Engineering; Joshua Sooknanan - BS in Mechanical Engineering; Angela Sun - BS in Industrial Design; Jennifer Tsai - BS in Biomedical Engineering; Bayan Vojdani - BS in Biology; Joshua Wien - BS in Computer Science; Sijia Wu - BS in Computer Engineering; Ao Yan - BS in Computer Science; Yisha Zhou - BS in Industrial Design.

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