Georgia Heritage Day at Crabapple Middle School



ROSWELL, Ga. – Crabapple Middle School conducted its annual Georgia Heritage Day Nov. 9. Heritage Day is an eighth-grade program designed around the state social studies curriculum on Georgia history.

“It’s a day for hands-on learning, and [the students] love it,” event organizer Pam Morris said.

Each year, the school hosts about 20 presenters to show a variety of talents that make up the culture of Georgia. Presenters include blacksmiths, basket weavers, quilters, cotton spinners, dancers, bee keepers, Civil War and Cherokee Nation historians and re-enactors, musicians, potters, candle makers and many more.

The students also enjoy dressing up in period clothing and posing for old-fashioned portraits.

Diamond Go-Sti (Diamond Brown Jr.), Cherokee educator and native culturist, taught the kids about the Cherokee Nation’s culture, history, music, hunting and much more. Barney Jones demonstrated basket weaving from hand-cut white oak, harvested in southern Georgia. Blacksmith Wind Chapman demonstrated iron forging using an anvil, hammer, tongs and fire pit.

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