Gas pumps damaged at Roswell Sam’s Mart



ROSWELL, Ga. – It was a tough two days for the equipment at Sam’s Mart on Roswell’s Atlanta Street (Ga. 9).

On successive days Jan. 16 and 17, customers drove off at the Sam’s Mart gas station in Roswell, pulling out the gas pumps as they left.

The gas station reported Jan. 16 that at about 1 p.m. a man put $10 into his SUV and then drove off with the pump nozzle still in the gas tank, pulling the hose and nozzle from the tank.

There was an estimated $900 worth of damage. The driver returned, put the nozzle on the ground by the pump and drove off without attempting to leave any contact information.

The next day, Jan. 17 around 2 p.m., an unknown woman was pumping gas and also drove off while the pump nozzle was still in the gas tank damaging the pump.

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