Ga. 9 to be widened to county line

Bethany Bend intersection reworked



MILTON, Ga. – The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and city of Milton want to make major improvements to Ga. 9 in coming years. Those improvements, however, will not begin for almost a decade.

At an open house May 21, the public took their first look at the proposed improvements, which include widening Ga. 9 from Windward Parkway north to the Forsyth County line into a four-lane road – two in each direction. Included with these improvements will be the elimination of the center lane – the so-called “suicide lane” – to be replaced with a center median with turn lanes.

Streetscape improvements such as sidewalks, bike lanes and grass will also be added.

Perhaps the biggest change to the street will be at the intersection of Ga. 9 and Bethany Bend. The roads intersect at an angle and planners want to square it off. However, to do this, roads will need to be rerouted. One proposal was to swing Bethany Bend behind the CVS on the east side and connect it with Ga. 9 just north. The existing intersection would be converted in to grass.

Traffic lights would be added to problem intersections, such as the Walmart drive and new lights at Bethany Bend.

In the short term, Bethany Bend would see an additional right turn lane to turn north on Ga. 9 as well as a “no turn on red” sign going south. Intermediate plans call for shifting the intersection either north of the CVS or breaking it apart into two – keep a left-turn intersection where it currently sits and add the right turn just north of the CVS.

The short-term improvements could be completed by 2017.

Sara Leaders, Milton transportation engineer, said the overall project cost is expected to be $31 million for the 3.04 miles of road. That number is not including purchasing right-of-way from the landowners who are on either side of the road. That amount could be about $7 million.

The state expects work to begin in 2022, pending enough funding.

For more information, visit Milton’s transportation improvements page at

Where would new traffic lights go?

Walmart driveway

Genesis Way/Deerfield Place

Soneley Court/Keyingham Way

Sunfish Bend

Creek Club Drive

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