Ga. 400 bridge to demolish homes

Roswell plan could mean better traffic



ROSWELL, Ga. – Any chef would tell you: to make an omelet, some eggs must be broken. To complete its Big Creek Parkway bridge, Roswell must decide which eggs it wants to break – residents’ houses or their apartments.

The Big Creek Parkway bridge is a plan to build a bridge crossing Ga. 400, providing a new east-west link for Roswell. One plan calls for a new roadway from Warsaw Road just north of Holcomb Bridge Road, extending east across Ga. 400 between the Holcomb Bridge Road and Mansell Road interchanges. The new road would then connect to the existing intersection of Old Alabama Road and Holcomb Woods Parkway and end at Holcomb Bridge Road. A second plan calls for a similar connection south of the interchange.

The bridge is still a long way from beginning construction, however.

“There is a debate on how best to make the connection between Old Alabama Road east of Ga. 400 to Warsaw Road west of Ga. 400,” said Steve Acenbrak, Roswell’s transportation director.

Of particular concern to some residents, however, is that there is no easy way across Ga. 400. Not without demolishing some houses.

A bridge north of the Holcomb Bridge Road/Ga. 400 interchange would mean tearing down houses; a bridge south of the interchange means tearing down apartments.

If the city wanted to demolish those homes, it would need to purchase their land, Acenbrak said.

“The city would have to offer fair market value and negotiate all that,” he said.

So far, the project is still in the planning phase. No money has been set aside to pay for it.

“A final concept is still being worked on,” Acenbrak said. “But there may be some hard decisions to be made.”

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