Conventional Depression Treatment can often involve prescriptions with uncomfortable side effects or years of expensive psychotherapy. There is now an innovative new therapy known as TMS which is completely painless and requires no medication. The Georgia TMS Clinic in Roswell is now open and offering this breakthrough treatment.

TMS Therapy uses highly focused, pulsed magnetic fields similar in type and strength to those produced by an MRI machine to stimulate the parts of the brain that regulate mood. Dr. Richard Hunter, the Clinic’s Neuro Psychiatrist says, “These impulses are spread through the brain both chemically and electrically and this seems to reset some sort of emotional thermostat we have.”

A treatment coil is applied to the head just above that emotional thermostat. The left pre frontal cortext. “The pre frontal cortex has connections down deep into the brain to the emotional system. Which is called the Limbic System. The Limbic System in turn feeds out to the temporal lobes which additionally have to do with emotion and depression.

Steve Sheldon is not just the owner of the Georgia TMS Clinic, he’s also a patient.

“I really didn’t think there was any hope for me. And when this came a long it provided that hope, and six weeks later it put me in a place where I’m so much better off than I was.”

TMS Therapy has helped thousands of men and women who have not benefited from traditional therapy or medications.

“I was numb, I gained weight, I felt disconnected from myself and from my family; from my world. It was nothing short of a miracle when my sister called to tell me she found an ad for a non invasive, non drug therapy for depression called TMS Therapy. I had no side affects, I didn’t feel an upset stomach. I had no dizziness, no tiredness. I drove myself back and forth every day, it was rather simple.” Says Marsha R., who is now free from depression.

This non invasive treatment is FDA Approved and Blue Cross/Blue Shield is approving some treatment. For more information you can go on line to to schedule a free analysis. Or call 404 665 4043.

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