GDOT to fully fund Ga. 400 improvements

$1.1 million to help interchange



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – The Georgia Department of Transportation will fully fund a portion of Roswell’s Ga. 400 – Holcomb Bridge Road intersection improvements.

City Transportation Director Steve Acenbrak told the Roswell City Council at their Nov. 26 meeting that the state agency will give the city $1,125,000 for the development of what they consider one of the worst bottlenecks in the state.

“Using GDOT money will leverage the bond money recently passed to build a large project at the intersection,” Acenbrak said.

The first development to use the money will be to streamline the eastbound traffic across the bridge. An extra turn lane will be added to the off-ramp from Ga. 400 and a traffic signal on the bridge will alternate between traffic crossing the bridge and traffic coming off the highway. Acenbrak said this will allow for an easier flow of cars as they try to crisscross the road as they go east.

GDOT is already funding its own project on the southbound on- and off-ramps to Ga. 400 from Holcomb Bridge. This project will take care of the east side of the road.

“This represents a fairly large percentage of [GDOT’s] discretionary budget,” Acenbrak said. “It speaks volumes that Roswell can do quality engineering and get GDOT to notice and fully fund.”

This money is in addition to the $6 million recently passed in a bond referendum for improvements to the intersection.

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