Fulton bumps pay for high school principals



FULTON COUNTY, Ga. – School leaders who can make an impact in their schools are a hot commodity, especially in high schools where the stakes for performance have never been higher.

For that reason, the Fulton County School System (FCSS) recently bumped the pay up for high school principals in an effort to keep them from jumping ship for higher-paying positions.

“Staffing a high school principal position is becoming more and more difficult due to the demands of that job and the complexity of managing thousands of students and hundreds of teachers and staff,” said Ron Wade, chief talent officer for the FCSS. “In addition, competition for sourcing/retaining high potentials is stiff, and we need experienced, high-skilled candidates.”

Principals in the system’s 15 regular high schools received an average pay increase of $7,500. Whether these principals will also be eligible for the one-time, 3 percent bonus for all employees in December has yet to be decided, said Wade.

“The adjustments to the salaries are an investment and help how we market future opportunities, providing us an edge in the Atlanta metro/Southeast education markets,” said Wade.

The pay range for high school principals is now $77,537 to $132,431 annually, depending on years of service and degrees earned. In comparison, teachers in Fulton range from $40,308 to $86,196 annually.


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