Fulton Schools grow by more than 700 students from previous year

Enrollment in area schools remains stable with fewer than 100 new students



NORTH FULTON, Ga. – In just its second year of operation, Cambridge High School has hit enrollment targets and will likely rival its North Fulton neighbors in enrollment by next year. The benefit of the growth at Cambridge has spread to other schools, with Milton and Alpharetta high schools posting lower numbers more in line with available capacity.

For the first time in several years, enrollment at Milton High now hovers around the 2,000 mark – welcome relief for a school that housed nearly 2,700 students just two years ago – and well above the school’s capacity of 1,950 students.

Enrollment at Alpharetta High School is also in line with the school’s capacity, with 2,065 students this year in a school built for 2,175.

School system officials said the 10-day enrollment count for the 2013-2014 school year stands at 94,568, but will likely change slightly over the next several days. Enrollment generally rises after the Labor Day holiday.

“There were no surprises [with the enrollment count],” said Yngrid Huff, executive director of operational planning for Fulton Schools. “We’ve been actively monitoring enrollment since three weeks before school started. The 10-day count is the third warm body count [we’ve had so far], and is falling within our enrollment projections.”

The 10-day count showed an increase of 705 students from the sixth day count, and nearly 1,700 students from the third day count.

“Last year, Fulton County Schools grew a modest 238 students from the sixth to 10th day period, a stark difference from this year,” added Huff.

Fulton County School System continues to be the fourth largest school system in Georgia, and is projected to reach – or exceed – its projection of 95,041 students in its 101 schools by the official one-month headcount.

In North Fulton, enrollment remained steady with a modest growth of fewer than 100 students in grades K-12. Decreases at the elementary grades were offset by gains at the middle and high school level.

The surge in new home construction throughout North Fulton could point to an equal surge in enrollment in the coming years.

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