Fulton County District 2 candidates qualify



Name: Eric Broadwell

City of residence: Roswell

Occupation: Director of Cobb EMC and consultant

Family: Wife Olya of 25 years, Nathaniel, a junior at UGA, Luke, a senior at Roswell High, and Sophia, a freshman at Roswell High

Website: http://www.ebroadwell.com

Public/candidate email address: info@ebroadwell.com

Why do you want to run?

My services have always been provided by Roswell and Fulton. Part of my property was in Cobb and after the line was moved so I was all in Fulton, my taxes went up and the services didn’t change. My city mayor was aware of this and asked me if I would take my board experience down to the Fulton Board of Commissioners and clean it up. So rather than just complaining about higher taxes, I decided I would do something about it.

What makes you the best candidate?

I am the true conservative in the race, and I have the proven board experience of aligning staffing levels with needs, enacting term limits and reducing rates. Utilizing my board level experience, training and certifications, I will be able to enact the goals we want to accomplish.

What goals do you wish to accomplish if elected?

Reduce the size of our county government so we can lower taxes and pass term limits.

Name: Bob Ellis

City of residence: Milton

Occupation: Vice president, Chubb Corp.

Family: Wife Jennifer (teacher at Birmingham Falls Elementary), and children Chandler, Lindsey and Nathan

Website: FixFulton.com

Public/candidate email address: bob@fixfulton.com

Why do you want to run?

I want to join with others to make Fulton County government work the way it should. This also represents an opportunity for me to give something back and serve the area where I’ve lived for 18 years.

What makes you the best candidate?

Proven leadership, a strong desire to serve and my total commitment to the communities of District 2.

Over my 21-year career at Chubb, I’ve been entrusted to manage large profit centers, build and maintain strong customer relationships, steward large budgets and lead teams through change. I will use those leadership skills to improve county government and work with others to solve problems and proactively address issues.

My knowledge of and commitment to all of the communities of District 2, along with my professional experience will enable me to develop partnerships between the county and each city and foster the collaboration necessary among all constituents to address issues and challenges.

Fulton County government needs strong leadership – leadership that is experienced, will listen, will collaborate, will make tough decisions and will do what is right. I will bring that type of leadership to county government.

What goals do you wish to accomplish if elected?

My goals are to reduce excessive spending, restore financial responsibility, deliver county services effectively and efficiently, shrink the size of county government and eliminate the dysfunctional nature of the County Commission.

RN 03-13-14

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