Fulton Board of Assessors mailing assessment notices

Appeals have deadline of July 21, but most assessments unchanged



ATLANTA – The Fulton County Board of Assessors mailed June 6 annual notices of assessment to 334,000 property owners.

If property owners disagree with the current year value on the notice, they have until July 21, 2014, to file an appeal.

While the Board of Assessors encourages owners to appeal the value if it is not representative of fair market value, they also ask that some reason or information be furnished with the appeal to help speed up the review and correct any incorrect data that may have led to the value calculation shown on the notice.

Although some property will experience a change in value for the 2014 tax digest, there was not a countywide revaluation and most owners will see no change in the value from 2013.

If an owner does not agree with the value on the notice and wishes to file an appeal, they are encouraged to use online filing by visiting the website at www.fultonassessor.org.

Online filing will expedite receipt and processing of appeals as well as confirm that the appeal was received. Appellants will receive a confirmation number that will verify the appeal was received by the deadline and will also be the key to tracking the online appeal.

Property owners are also encouraged to use the Online Appeals Resolution Center, which will allow the tracking of the appeal as well as the ability to send documents, pictures and other data as well as make an offer of settlement on the value.

Tax appeals criteria

David Fitzgibbon, chief appraiser for Fulton County, offers a final reminder to citizens that the only legal reasons for appeal under Georgia law are:

• Value, uniformity and denial of exemption.

• Percentage or amount of increase is not a valid reason.

• Amount of taxes, or increase in tax rates is not appealable.

Information regarding the assessment notices and the appeal process can be found by visiting the Fulton tax assessor’s website at www.fultonassessor.org or by contacting the office at 404-612-6440.

MH 06-18-14

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