Full speed ahead: Construction on Alpharetta City Hall on schedule

Structure nearly complete



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Even with frigid temperatures and plenty of rain, Alpharetta’s new City Hall is looking more like the building it should be – it’s gone from a large hole in the ground to the skeleton of a three-story building.

The third floor was recently poured and the roofing is next to go up. Soon after will come walls, and then it’s just a matter of filling the interior.

“We have started working through what sort of furniture is necessary,” said Alpharetta Deputy City Manager James Drinkard.

In 2011, the city began acquiring additional property so that it could fully control the destiny of the City Center project. The acquisitions also allowed for the project to expand and for Haynes Bridge Road to be relocated so that the project could be unified onto a single 25-acre site. Within a few short months, Alpharetta had struck a deal to bring the new branch of the Fulton County Library to the new City Center and saw 73 percent of its citizens vote to finance the project using $29 million in general obligation bonds.

Along with the City Hall will be a 1-acre town green, a 450-space parking deck (which has already begun construction) and a new 25,000-square-foot public library.

There have been a few snags in the construction – the soil where City Hall was to sit was difficult to work with, ratcheting up the price tag of the project. The parking deck construction was delayed due to negotiations with neighboring property owners. Redesigns – including public restrooms on the ground floor – resulted in further delays and added costs.

Even with the delays, the completion date has not moved much. The building is expected to be open for business in September of this year.

City Center by the numbers:

25 acres total

1-acre town green

5-acre park

50,000-square-foot City Hall

25,000-square-foot library

175,000 square feet of retail space

450-space parking deck

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