From food to radio: Jenkins juggles duties

Milton’s Bobby G’s manager moonlights as radio host



MILTON, Ga. — Most people know Kevin Jenkins because he’s the manager at Bobby G’s Authentic Chicago Eatery. He takes orders, rings people up and calls orders out to the staff.

But his voice is pretty distinct and his customers know it. He’s the “fatman” of the popular local radio show duo, “Chef and the Fatman.”

The show makes Jenkins kind of a celebrity to Bobby G’s patrons, but he’s not fazed.

“I’m just a fat guy who likes food,” he said.

About 10 years ago, Jenkins combined his love for food and experience in the restaurant industry with 10 years of radio experience and created the live radio show, “Chef and the Fatman.”

The show airs on AM radio, Newstalk 1160, the “Talk of the Town,” from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays.

Jenkins is the host of the mobile cooking show, his tribute to old-time radio.

“I grew up listening to the old mysteries of the 40s and 50s, and wanted to do something to bring that type of radio back,” he said.

He came up with the idea about 10 years ago, but had a tough time selling it.

“Nobody was cooking on live radio,” he said. “And nobody wanted to try it, either.”

Finally, landing a gig with Newstalk 1160, Jenkins and Chef Erik Holdo began traveling the world cooking for live audiences and sharing the experience with listeners.

“We’ve been all over,” he said.

“One of my favorites was the Guinness 250th anniversary celebration in Ireland.”

Jenkins enjoys cooking, but leaves the serious culinary expertise to Holdo.

“I’m the host of the show, the host with the biggest gut,” he said. “I give a play by play of what’s cooking, so our listeners can feel like they’re right there with us.”

The Big Green Egg, Shuman Produce Real Sweet Onions and Hotel Monteleone of New Orleans are some of the show’s sponsors.

“New Orleans is our home away from home,” Jenkins said. “Good food is part of their lifestyle, and we’re lucky to be a part of it.”

The show broadcasts from New Orleans about five times a year.

Jenkins would like to see the show on TV someday, but isn’t holding his breath.

“We were considered for a show once, but they asked us to take out our standard end of the show statement, ‘God bless and God bless America,’ and we wouldn’t.”

“It’s because of the people who fight for our freedom that we have this show, and we’re going to continue to thank and appreciate them,” he said.

The show is popular in Atlanta and Jenkins said people from about 31 countries and 42 states have downloaded it on iTunes.

But Jenkins warns future listeners, “This isn’t a health food show. We love calories and we love fattening food,” he said. “Our theory is, it’s good for you until the doctor says it’s not.”

For more information about local events, visit, or stop by and see Jenkins at Bobby G’s.

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